The deflection of a compass needle by electric current

The deflection of a compass needle by electric current     [Source]

It was once thought that electricity and magnetism represented separate entities. However, evidence to the contrary soon presented itself, be it the deflection of a magnetic compass needle by electric current, the observation of magnetic fields generated by a moving electric charge (and a moving magnet generating an electric current), or the observation of electric fields generated by changing magnetic field (and vice versa).

Electricity and magnetism are one phenomenon and together they manifest one of the four fundamental forces in nature: electromagnetism. With the exception of gravity, they are the only forces that account for daily phenomena we experience, even including concepts such as friction.

In physics, electromagnetic forces are the only ones completely understood. Owing to its success as a theory, electromagnetism has become somewhat of a model for the formulation of other theories. It was also the main inspiration for the Theory of Special Relativity by Albert Einstein, of which it is completely compatible with.

Pages on Electromagnetism:

  • Maxwell’s equations  (coming soon!)
    • Gauss’ law  (coming soon!)
    • Gauss’ law for magnetism  (coming soon!)
    • Faraday’s law of induction  (coming soon!)
    • Ampere’s law (with Maxwell’s correction)  (coming soon!)
  • Lorentz force law  (coming soon!)
  • Scalar and vector potential  (coming soon!)
  • Four-vector potential  (coming soon!)
  • Electromagnetic field tensor  (coming soon!)

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