Herschel 400 objects

Sir William Herschel (1738 – 1822) was a British astronomer who performed the first-ever systematic deep sky survey of the entire sky above his horizon. The Herschel 400 list is a subset of William Herschel’s original 2500 object catalog. Herschel’s catalog was later expanded by his son, John Herschel, to create the General Catalog (GC), which formed the basis of the New General Catalog (NGC).

In consideration to intermediate or advanced observers searching for a new deep sky observing objective beyond just the Messier objects, the Herschel 400 list forms an excellent basis leading to a more thorough navigation of the night sky.

William Herschel's

William Herschel’s “40-foot telescope”, featuring a 47-inch (120-centimeter) primary mirror

Posts on the Herschel 400 objects:


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