New General Catalog


In 1878, Danish-Irish astronomer John Louis Emil Dreyer (1852 – 1926) published a supplement to John Herschel’s General Catalog (GC) of 5,079 objects. Eight years later, Dreyer suggested to the Royal Astronomical Society that another addition be made. However this time, the organization instead requested that he orchestrate a completely new catalog: the New General Catalog (NGC).

Published in 1888, the NGC features a comprehensive listing of 7,840 objects. It is not free from error, but most contradictions and misidentifications were carried over from previous catalogs. In an effort to solve this problem, the NGC/IC Project—devised in 1993—is committed to correctly identifying all objects in the NGC and Index Catalog.

NGC 2903

NGC 2903, a bright barred-spiral galaxy not found in the Messier Catalog     [Source]


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