Supernova remnants

NGC 6960 (West Veil Nebula)

NGC 6960 (West Veil Nebula), part of the remains of a supernova that erupted 5000 to 8000 years ago     [Source]

Supernova remnants are an artifact from the cataclysmic explosion of stars—supernovae. The famous M1 (Crab Nebula)—also known as “Taurus A”—was created by a naked eye Milky Way supernova observed in 1054. M1 along with 3C 461 (Cassiopeia A)—one of the most recently formed Milky Way supernova remnants—are among the 3 brightest radio sources in the sky beyond the Solar System, although the latter is barely visible in the visible spectrum.

Supernova remnants feature ejected material from its source star as well as surrounding gas from the interstellar medium disturbed by shock waves generated from the supernova.


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